CommunityI have been asked many times for a job description to hire the right person as their social media manager or community manager. The roles are about the same, but I would say Social Media Manager is more outward bound in its focus, but still involves the community. Community Manager is more inward bound, starting with the community, perhaps more of a service / support focus and then reaching outbound. The skills and responsibilities are pretty similar. And remember, think of this position as your company ambassador, your social host, concierge – basically the first impression your audience will experience with your brand. And you never get a second chance…blah, blah, blah. This person needs to be engaging – its not about being able to tweet, its about engaging in conversations – from twitter chats to blog comments, from Flickr photos to LinkedIn groups. Think about how this person will best represent your company. Its a very important hire.

The job description is from my past experiences in observing what is important, but I started with my friend Tom Humbarger’s blog as the foundation to build upon. I really welcome your feedback:

Social Media Manager / Community Manager Job Description

At the highest level, the candidate must demonstrate “social media DNA” and have extensive social media experience.  This means that the person is actively participating in a wide variety of social media activities such as Twitter, blogging, community development and management, social bookmarking, commenting, etc. and is well-connected with the broader social media world.  The second important part is that the candidate must be able to serve as the social host for your company – the first impression that most people will encounter (personality will be important).

Responsibilities – the key responsibilities for this position include:

  • Live in the social media world for your company as the ambassador / social host
    • Respond to & engage all inquiries for your company on social sites (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, YouTube, blogs)
    • Seek out & join conversations about your market on social sites
    • Delegate to experts in the company on topics fit for their input
  • Experiment with new and alternative ways to leverage social media activities (“marketing R&D”)
  • Monitor trends in your market and appropriately apply that knowledge to increasing the use of social media at your company
  • Strategize with and educate the management team and others across the company on incorporating relevant social media techniques into the corporate culture and into all of the company’s products and services
  • Measure the impact of social media on the overall marketing efforts

Experience – the ideal candidate will have experience in the following areas:

  • Social media tools and techniques
  • Marketing (traditional, new media, guerilla and ‘word of mouth’)
  • Communities
  • Product marketing
  • Press and analyst relations
  • Business development
  • Technology
  • Operations
  • Sales
  • Financial and quantitative analysis
  • Project management

Attributes – the key attributes for this position include:

  • Social, online and offline
  • Engaging in communication
  • Creativity
  • Willingness to experiment
  • Ability to deal with uncertainty
  • Ability to contribute individually, and lead, manage or participate in cross-functional teams
  • Doggedness and determination
  • Ability to synthesize large amounts of data into actionable information
  • Excellent writing skills and a willingness to use them
  • Excellent verbal communication skills
  • Persuasiveness
  • Ability to create great working relationships with all levels within the company and across multiple disciplines
  • Sense of humor [very important in the social media world - don't take yourself too seriously!]

Where should you post? In the social media world, of course! LinkedIn, Facebook and especially twitter are great places.

And by the way - I have client who are hiring social media manager / community manager positions! Please contact me if you know someone.

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