A big push with social media today is about transparency – get your content out there! Share with the community, let the community decide if it’s any good. There are many cool tools to help and Slideshare is a great example of how to accomplish this. Take those different PowerPoint decks we all have at companies and post them to the web! Yes, let them be free. You are always dying to show your presentations to as many people as possible, why not put it out there to show everyone. And you just might get to people you would not have before.

Slideshare is about sharing content, and that is all good, and frankly that’s the easy part. But how much better is this than just posting it on my website? Slideshare also serves as a social discovery platform for users to find relevant content and connect with other members who share similar interests. It links you to similar content, and others to your content. In addition, they recently announced Slideshare for Business with LeadShare and AdShare.

LeadShare is a self-service tool you can use to capture leads from documents and presentations. LeadShare’s process takes a new twist by asking businesses to share content and then letting users choose if and when to get in touch. SlideShare’s CEO Rashmi Sinha says that the quality of leads is actually better because users who input their info are genuinely interested in the service or product. Using LeadShare, you setup a simple campaign in minutes and control exactly how they capture leads and the depth of information they want to capture (typical lead info). Leads cost between $1 to $22 for the business depending on the how in-depth the questions are – just email addresses ($1), ask for the kitchen sink and it costs more money. You can capture leads on SlideShare.net, on your own site and anywhere the content gets embedded. Leads are captured in a dashboard that SlideShare creates for each LeadShare campaign.

AdShare lets you promote your content on SlideShare’s platform. SlideShare will place a “sponsored content” box next to presentations and documents that are contextually relevant. The platform costs $0.25 per click. If content is clicked more often, it gets promoted more and vice versa. Similar to LeadShare, AdShare is a self-service product that you can manage on your own. And of course, the two services are complementary to each other—you can use AdShare to get more views and potentially capture more leads.

SlideShare has been dubbed, the “YouTube for presentations” and works great. The Slideshare for Business aspects will integrate further into your company fabric – I recommend taking a look at it to see it fits your needs.

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