successIt’s real, it’s happening and here is proof. There are some shining examples of success using social media being highlighted out there in the blogosphere. I want to capture them in a central place as I learn about them – both the actual sites and the case studies (where published) – and share them with my clients and audience as we all try to spread knowledge. Its important to use success stories when convincing your management, CEO, board, etc. about the potential for social media within your media. I will keep this updated as more come to light.

I have a page on my site dedicated to these examples:

Some highlights and favorites:

Mashable’s 35+ Examples of Corporate Social Media – Good examples of success stories

My Starbucks Idea – a community around new ideas for Starbucks, built on, too of all things!

Dell Outlet on Twitter – Twitter site where the sell products – generating $3M annually. Good to see someone making real money on Twitter!

Kodak – A Thousand Words – Well, you get the pun.

Select Minds – selected social media case studies

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